Sunday, September 19, 2010

Out of the House of Fear

Less than three days until we close on our new place!

Three words, okay, maybe five words: Cardboard, Kraft Easy Mac, and Home Depot.

We made the official first homeowner's trip to Home Depot yesterday, and delightfully [but thoughtfully] loaded up the cart with supplies for the first round of projects in the house, starting ... drum roll ... in four days. And so began our first money bomb drop.

Very exciting.

Very expensive.

C and I don't have any credit cards and honestly we've blossomed financially without them. People have told us that home repairs always lead to other home repairs and take twice as long as you plan for. We've tried to over budget for projects, and broke them up in order of urgency. The house has just the right amount of repairs needed without being overwhelming [which is now on the record]. We know wonderful it is to run an ole' credit card through, leaving with your sweet checking account undisturbed. But living without them has never let us down. There's an unspoken pride in living off the card. For two years, we have not paid a credit card bills.

That isn't to say this week we aren't a little tight. We're blessed with family who graciously have us over to eat. This morning I was quite worried about being in a tight financial squeeze because the down payment is a bit more, and Chris' car just lost its muffler.

I felt a quiet still voice inside say, "I am taking care of your finances." I decided I would buy some things we needed after church but was in and out of fearful feelings.

When I arrived at church an hour late, my mom had a bag of her garden's bounty for us and a bag of my favorite brands. I thanked her a dozen times. I shared the story of my fear with her. Anyone who knows my gorgeous Sicilian mother knows that she eats a diet free of sugar, gluten, processed flours or most flours altogether, and most fruits [sugar content]. The diet has worked wonders for her health, but of course her parting words as she handed me the bag of goodies were: "You shouldn't eat the pasta."

I love you, Mom.

And I will eat pasta for a long, long time.

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  1. Anna! I felt bad that I had to work Saturday, but I am sure you had plenty of help moving your house. Any amount of people is more than we had (just your dad and my dad) lol...and you guys are lucky - just a short trip for your move :)

    I cant wait to see your house and celebrate with you guys. We love you!! Invite us over soon, no cooking is necessary - we could treat you guys to supper!